Eng. Mazin Bizri

General Manager of a construction management consultant company (CMCCO)

He is an experienced project consultant and implementer of change with proven ability within a variety of industries demonstrated by the achievement of quality project work to budget and within timescale.

A broad background in civil engineering & project management covering applications ranging from construction management consultant including project planning, cost control systems development & estimation database organization to an extensive variety in building construction & general civil works execution management, all in Lebanon and Middle East.

He has been involved with three major blue chip companies in the last 13 years, British Airways, BAE SYSTEMS, and Airbus where he has led a variety of multi disciplinary teams in project and change management initiatives. Some of his more notable achievements where the identification and implementation of efficiency savings of £450K to the Boeing 747 maintenance line within 1 year; increase of 40% utilization of the Boeing 737-400 fleet within 18 months; and the establishment of a Change management system and team responsible for the implementation of projects for a 1600 strong organization within a £500 million change program.

He is particularly qualified in the design, implementation and improvement of Project Management Systems. He successfully implemented organizational change within Airbus UK through a number of initiatives, which included the development of the top 100 executives; the creation and implementation of a competence based performance system and the design and implementation of a Project Management training portfolio. His success led Airbus to position him in Airbus Head Office, Toulouse, when the company integrated. He was responsible for the harmonization and development of the complete Project Management System with an international team and Project Management population of around 1200 people.

Construction Management Consultant (CMC)

Construction Management Consultant (CMC) was established in 1987 by a group of experts & engineers who did intensive research & effort to implement modern project management techniques, procedures & scientific research to support clients, consultants, contractors & investors in multi project management techniques development, Engineering, research & general management development.

Construction & management consultant is a leader consultant company in the domain of project management, research, engineering, general management & staff development. Its service was concentrated on intensive experts' research in progressive project management techniques improvement & related staff development to enhance staff performance in construction, industry & investment.

For many companies intensive effort was done by its experts to help these companies establish, develop & operate a central project management unit (PMU) to handle multi project management responsibilities for running projects over several operation countries.

Also thousands of managers & engineers from many companies over Middle East region did intensive senior training by attending seminars.

Construction & Management Consultant multi projects management system is also including sophisticated database & procedures developed by its experts to organize all project management duties &procedures such as planning, estimation, quantity surveying, cost control, contract administration, quality control, accounting related & quality procedures implementation.



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